Computer Repair Service North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson NV

DeskTop Repairs Are Our Specialty

Our desk top repair technicians have a proven track record; we have a rigorous interview process to insure we provide our clients only the most qualified computer technicians. We have an amazing staff that is qualified to work on everything from a small desk top, portable laptop, all in one PC to servers and network set ups. Our expertise can assist anyone from the home PC user, any size business set up to the computer resale store outlet.

All of our technicians are professionally qualified and equipped with the best tools to diagnose any problem. We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately define the disruption in service and efficiently provide the necessary repairs. We carry a wide line of replacement parts. It is rare to have to wait anytime for us to acquire the required parts for the repair work.

We will provide free diagnostics on any PC that is dropped off at our office. It will typically require a few business days for your technicians to ascertain the necessary repairs required. We will call and inform the client with repair options. If no repair option is chosen the equipment can be pick up free of charge.

Our technicians are qualified to repair common name brand PC’s such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Gateway, Dell and eMachine. We are also experts on the repair of HP, Compaq, Apple, Lenovo/IBM, Acer and Asus. These represent the machines we most frequently see but are not an all-inclusive list of brands we have the parts and qualifications to work with.

We stock a large selection of parts and are able to order any miscellaneous parts that we may require to fulfill client repairs in short order. In addition to machine repair we have the ability to assist with data backup and recovery and the movements of data from one hard drive to another. Our services when it comes to PC and IT related solutions are extensive.

Our team can provide digitizer repair and replacement, as well as provide maintenance for your machine or all the PC’s within your business operations. A machine will shut itself down if a fan has stopped working correctly. We are network specialists and are available to help your organization every step of the way.

When your equipment has crashed or failed our team of professionals will have your options available to you and your business associates. We can provide a complete spectrum of services for those who do not have their own in-house IT department. We also work well with IT departments who may be in need of additional services.

The following is a list of available services that we can provide:

• Installation of operating systems and reformatting drivers

• Installation of new programs and Driver Updates

• Upgrading memory capacity and or the Installation of a larger Hard Drive

• Mother Board repair and Replacement

• Virus removal and Cleaning

• MACBOOK repair services

• Many other repairs and services can be performed and provided

Our team is waiting to handle your toughest problems. Do not let another moment pass in frustration pick up the phone and give our office a call