Data Back Up and Recovery Service in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson NV

Call on SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup service to gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your operational and financial well-being are safe. The smallest things can render your computer system inoperable. Whether it’s a simple mistake made by an employee, a cyber criminal attack or a basic computer glitch, without your computer system your daily operations will come to a screeching halt. With your data backed up with the efficient SpeakGeek process, you can breathe easily knowing that when disaster strikes your data can be recovered and you can resume normal operations more quickly and seamlessly. You can depend on the experience behind SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup to protect your data.

Identifying and Archiving Critical Data

The SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup team has extensive experience in the data recovery industry and will use that experience to help you identify and archive the essential data that is crucial to your business operations. Whether it’s accounting, bank and employee records, legal documents, or even exchanges between creditors and debtors, the SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup team has the experience to identify and archive that crucial data.

Remote Data Backup Features

SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup includes a large array of leading industry recommended features. Offered services include Initial Backup, Differential Backup, Multi-Level Encryption and Large Dataset Restoration. SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup also offers a multitude of can’t live without features, such as mirroring, which allows data to be stored in two or more different locations, and dumping, which allows the copying of whole databases logically or physically. You also have access to world class customer service, offering amenities such as a Windows integrated user interface, data auditing and unlimited revisions. Continuous backup is also available, logging and saving any change in your data in real time. You will also have the convenience of a local copy of all of your archived data.

Remote Data Backup Benefits

Many businesses choose to backup their data locally and they are putting themselves at risk unnecessarily. Fires burn computer systems beyond recognition and the data stored on those servers go up in smoke with them every day. Disgruntled employees use their authorized access to databases to damage and destroy files, causing financial destruction. Hackers enter databases and put the businesses and their customers at risk, destroying the reputation of the business and any trusting relationship it had built with its customers. Any of these disasters can bring a business to a devastating halt. SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup gives you and your business multi-layered protection against theft, sabotage and natural disaster. You strive daily to ensure business continuity, and the goal of SpeakGeek Remote Data Backup is to ensure that no force, man-made or natural, will interrupt that continuity.