Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business

     When I started my first business, I was an avid Microsoft Office user and didn’t think there was anything better for my business. That all changed in 2010, when I merged with another computer repair company in Minneapolis, Mn. The owner was using Google Apps and in order for our companies to work together, I had to make the switch. I’m glad I did, because I haven’t looked back since.

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications that Google hosts on their own servers. Google provides these applications as a “service,” rather than as software you have to download and install. To access these applications, you simply use a web browser on any computer that’s connected to the Internet. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

Why am I proposing Google Apps?

Lower infrastructure costs — All your email will be stored securely on Google’s servers, so you’ll no longer have to maintain email servers on-site. Google Apps includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Company data belongs to the company, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including who it is shared with and how it is shared. Google’s data center network provides exceptional security and guarantees reliable access to your data, 24x7x365.
Ability to consolidate our platforms — You can eliminate redundancy by moving all of your email and calendar platforms to Google Apps.
Lower support costs — Because Google hosts the email and calendar services, there’s no more email client software to maintain on your computer or no need to maintain an email server.
Innovative solutions — You can leverage the ongoing creative and technical solutions of the Google Apps platform to provide employees with powerful, easy-to-use tools for getting their work done.
Access to services from anywhere, at anytime — A key benefit of the Google-hosted solution is that you can access email, contacts, and calendar from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection, from anywhere in the world.
More collaboration features — With Google’s next-generation applications, you can collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners more easily and efficiently than ever before.
Instant messaging — Because Google Apps includes Google Talk, you can implement an instant messaging system for your organization, making it easier to communicate and keep in contact with employees.
What does Google Apps include?

Gmail –
Google Calendar – Syncs across all internet devices
Google Hangouts – Formerly Google Talk and a great alternative for communicating
Google Docs – Compatible with any Office Suite
Google Sites – Great for Intranet Websites
Google Video – Another great conferencing tool!
What are the key benefits?

Lots of storage — You get a full 25 GB of online storage for your email, so you can archive all of our email online. You’ll no longer need to worry about cluttering up our own email accounts. Also, Google’s multi-layered security strategy keeps information safe at each stage of data storage, access and transfer. Data will never be lost because a user’s hard drive crashed, a computer was stolen or onsite data was compromised by fire or floods. Keeping your data in the cloud means keeping our data safe.
Enhanced message organization and retrieval — With Gmail, you’ll spend less time managing folders and searching for messages. For example, you can add one or more tags, or “labels,” to your messages to organize and store them more efficiently. And with the Google-powered search feature, you can find any message quickly and easily, whether it’s in your Inbox or stored in your message archive.
Easier calendar sharing — Google Calendar lets you quickly and easily share your calendars with each other and specify the details you want to show. Calendar sharing is a great way to keep each other informed about your schedules. Now it’s easier than ever to find out if someone is in a meeting, on a business trip, on vacation, or if any events are coming up.
Integrated chat — With the Google Talk instant messaging application, you can communicate instantly with other people in our organization right from the Gmail interface. In addition, all your chats are automatically saved, so you can always retrieve important information later.
Real-time collaboration — Using Google Docs, you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more, that you can view and edit at the same time. You can still use Microsoft Office products as needed, but you’ll have more options for storing and collaborating on documents. Google Docs is fully compatible with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and also can create searchable PDF files, directly from Google Docs or even with your phone’s camera (used as a mobile scanner)!
Organization — With Google Drive, you have the ability to quickly publish documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, and videos. This is a great benefit for keeping all of your documents in one place, easily accessible, as well as secure.
Mobility — Google Apps has only one requirement: a modern browser. Whether you’re on your home laptop, work computer, cell phone or even tablet, the Google Apps user experience remains consistent. Google Apps is accessible from almost any device including iPhones, Blackberrys, tablets and, of course, Android devices.
Extensibility — Google’s commitment to standards-based protocols, open data formats, and world-class security allows the Google Apps Marketplace to provide hundreds of integrated applications that can be instantly provisioned to your domain. Google Apps administrators can browse the Marketplace to find exactly what their domain needs, be it CRM (Customer Relationship Management), social collaboration or enhanced management tools such as SherpaTools, the #1 ranked admin tool in the Google Apps Marketplace.
What does it cost?

Google Apps is quick to set up, can grow with your business, and costs just $5 per user, per month or $50 per user, per year, but it also comes with a 30 day free trial. More information can be found at Google’s Pricing Page. Setup Fee from SpeakGeek PCs will be included in the service contract, so it won’t be an extra charge.


Google Apps helps businesses work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone – employees, partners, vendors, anyone – to collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations.
Google Apps lets you share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time. Forget all the time-wasting email back and forth over multiple file versions; storing docs in the cloud means everyone automatically has the latest version of any file.
Spend less time managing your IT infrastructure. Employees always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates. There is no need to buy or maintain servers and everything can be managed from a single interface.
Save time and money
No more patches
New features, as soon as they’re ready
No hardware or client software
Count on our 24/7 customer support
If this sounds like a good investment, contact me right away!

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