Home Networking With SpeakGeek Service

Having a home network used to only be for the technologically obsessed. There was a time that it was incredibly odd, if not a complete waste of money to consider ever having more than one computer in the house. Who could afford it?

Today, things have changed. Families now have computers, e-readers, consoles, phones and even more for every member of the house and for everything we do. Each of them functions as an integral part of daily life.

It’s how we learn; from finding a recipe that work with the ingredients in our refrigerators to how to care for the hamster that the kids just brought home. When we find this information once, we should be able to pull it up on any one of our devices. Our technology is meant to go where we go. Bookmarked webpages on our phones are supposed to be waiting for us at home on our computers. Schedules and reminders are meant to be shared without having to go through timely emails only to get lost and unread.

Easily shared information allows us new ways to stay connected with our loved ones. Place notes, reminders and comments in the places they spend so much of their time and not have to sign up for another social site to do so. A properly set up home computer network is all you need.

Networking saves you money too. Printing from your phone, sharing photos and files and uploading videos can all be done without using up costly data plans.

And it’s fun. Movies can follow you from room to room and never miss a beat. You can play games with each other from numerous consoles. Share music and playlists.

The problem many of us face is that the devices themselves have become so simple to use that few of us actually acquire the advanced knowledge to take them to the next level of connectivity. And those that try to do it themselves without the knowledge, often fail; usually with some new and undesired settings on their computers. And even if they manage, it usually leaves a clutter of messy cables throughout the house.

How then, is a family supposed to share their important and precious information with each other?

Simple. SpeakGeek makes home computer networking easy by doing the work for you.

You can sit back and enjoy knowing life is going to be easier when our technicians have your electronics communicating as smoothly as a family conversation over dinner.

Our services include connecting the wireless router to your cable modem and all other wiring needed.

Our professional installations are a clean and simple process. We take great care and offer friendly 24/7 technical support.