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SpeakGeek PCS is a company that specializes in troubleshooting and resolving your IT issues. Instead of you trying to fix the problem yourself while wasting precious time, let us take care of the problem for you! We are mobile and can come to your home, pick up your PC, troubleshoot and fix it, and then deliver it back to your doorstep. Or, if you rather, we are happy to assist you at our conveniently located local shop.

We specialize in: Laptops, Laptop repairs, iPhone, iPad, and Android Software Support.

Most commonly, confusion and error arises from the hardware within your device. We can repair and troubleshoot hardware and install upgrades. Along with hardware issues usually comes software issues. We are happy to scan, analyze, install and uninstall the software you have on your device. We strongly encourage all customers to generate a regular maintenance on their phone, laptop, PC, and any other personal devices. If you are unsure of how to manage maintenance on your device, or want assistance, we would be happy to help. Engaging in a regular maintenance schedule can help your device perform faster and more efficiently, and prevent any prior issues from redeveloping.

Looking to create a personalized computer or custom PC? We can effectively assist with the creation of your new system construction alongside the customization of your PC. We have trained technicians who can help you build and create your ideal PC.

Have data that you wish to transfer from one device to another, or to multiple devices? We contain the ability to transfer data to any new device(s). Should you have accidentally lost data from any type of device, we have a data recovery process that can retrieve all lost data. With data transfer and recovery, we would also recommend backing up your data on your device, and would be happy to assist you with that process as well.

We understand that it is quite exciting to purchase a new printer, especially with all the new apps and features printers have nowadays. Sometimes installation can be quite challenging, even to those who are tech-savvy. Should you ever experience difficulties with your printer installation, or would rather a professional setup the installation for you, please feel free to contact us for efficient support.

SpeakGeek PCS specializes in laptop repair services. Our services are listed below, but not limited to this list:

• Faulty or Bad Hard Drive
• Overheating and Random Shutdowns of devices
• Cracked and Broken LCD Screen Repair
• Damage to Hinge, or Laptop Case
• Damaged Keyboard and Keyboard Back Light Repair
• Issues with your Screen Fading
• Flickering of the Screen at Random Times
• Spills of Liquids
• Repair and assessment of Motherboard
• Fixing of Power Jack
• Screen Replacements
• Repair of CAM
• Overheating Issues