Maintenance Program Plans for Computers

Protecting your computer is of the utmost importance. All it takes is one security breach for your entire network to come crumbling down around you. You don’t have the time or money to be dealing with IT issues all the time and this is why it is recommended that you look into maintenance plans.

At SpeakGeek, we know that insurance is a hard sell until you actually need it. If you have roof damage without homeowner’s insurance, it could cost a significant amount of money to fix it, though it has to be done.

The same thing can be said about things that go wrong with your computer or network. If you don’t have a maintenance plan, it could cost a lot of money to fix it – and yet it still has to be fixed so that your business can run efficiently.

In the computer world, lack of maintenance can result in such things as:

Hard drive failure

Loss of data


Slow connections

Stolen data

Electronics failure

Much more

There are many components that are involved with giving you access to your programs, storing your data, and keeping you online. If you spill something or something overheats, you can watch everything start to slow down and eventually die. This is not something you ever want to see (or deal with if it does) and this is why a maintenance plan should be obtained.

At SpeakGeek, we have two different plans for you to consider. We have a Basic and a Premier Maintenance Plan. Each has advantages and we will be happy to discuss the various options with you in detail.

You will be able to receive great parts, pay no added labor to install parts, and you won’t have to carry your equipment into our place to get it fixed. We provide a number of services at no cost to you.

Our PCS Maintenance agreements include:

Annual diagnostics and preventative maintenance

1-hour phone response from our technician

On-site response within 8 hours

Instant network phone support

Priority 4-hour on-site response for network servers

Free loaner equipment

We will help you to choose the plan that is right for you so you can protect your bottom line. It is only a matter of time before something happens to your system. Be sure you have the insurance so you don’t go broke trying to get your business back online.

It takes just one phone call to learn what we can do for you so you have an affordable solution to future computer problems.