Premier Maintenance Plan

This is our comprehensive maintenance solution to ensure you have all the protection you need. You have all the benefits as the Basic Maintenance Plan as well as some other features to give you peace of mind. At SpeakGeek, our goal is to simplify things for you – and this is why you won’t have to pay another service bill outside of your contract ever again.

You will have unlimited IT customer support to help resolve all of your issues. We offer computer solutions with no additional charges. You have one monthly fee to pay that keeps your computer hardware and network up and running without any interruptions.

Included in the plan are all parts, labor, and travel. We take care of your maintenance, computer service, and repairs. Our basic maintenance plan is limited to hardware issues and your operating system. The premier maintenance plan is comprehensive, allowing you to pick up the phone without wondering how much it will cost you.

Our plan includes:

Virus and spyware protection

Application service support

Network solutions

Remote IT customer support

Monitor backup hardware and software

24/7 Support (Off-site work only)

1 Hour response time for emergencies

Monthly Maintenance (Updates, virus removal, etc)

Onsite Service (You decide on how many hours per month you would like me to come by)

If you want to enhance your current network, we can provide you with the assistance. You can add new computers to your network or upgrade the equipment. You only have to pay for the new equipment. The labor charges are eliminated because you are on the Premier Maintenance Plan.

We will also keep all of your systems up to date. Many of the updates out there are for security and will help to reduce vulnerabilities. It’s one less thing for you to worry about because we will take care of it on your behalf.

In many instances, we can fix the problem without sending a technician out. This is because of our use of remote support. Our technicians will log into the network and address the issues. This ensures that you get the problems fixed without waiting around for someone to travel between our office and your office.

Let us show you the benefits of proactive maintenance. The cheapest way to fix computer problems is before they have a chance to cause problems. We fix many of the problems before you are even aware of them – and this can avoid downtime that would otherwise cost you money.

SpeakGeek is dedicated to taking a proactive approach to computer network maintenance.

Contact us today for a quote and let us explain why the Premier Maintenance Plan can be right for your business.