Small Business IT Solutions and Managed Services

Small Business IT Solutions and Managed Services in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson NV

Why do you need an IT Support contract? IT support is important whatever the size of your business. Small companies often cannot justify employing an IT expert and this often causes huge problems when they experience IT problems, needing updates or just require advice on the best way forward to improve the efficiency of their operation.

This is where the benefits of an IT support contract start to make a real difference. An IT support contract provides a company with time and resource to solve problems before they start, provides essential support to update and maintain equipment, and provides valuable money saving solutions.

Having an IT support contract means that you have the peace of mind that you have a team of skilled engineers ready to respond when you encounter a problem. Having someone who knows your network, what hardware you have and how it is used will allow for a much faster fault resolution.

Being in a situation where you need to call in an unknown company to resolve your problems is often a recipe for disaster!

With our Premium Service, you get:

24/7 Support (Off-site work only)
2 Hour response time for emergencies
Monthly Maintenance (Updates, virus removal, etc – Month to Month or Service Contract)
Onsite Service (You decide on how many hours per month you would like me to come by)
Managed Services\Cloud Migration

What’s the difference between Month to Month and a Service Contract?

With a service contract, you are locked in with guaranteed support for a whole year. We also schedule appointments with you to re-visit the contract, once a quarter, to see if we need to adjust the onsite hours to assist you better. With month to month, you can adjust it on a monthly basis. The price depends on how much you need me onsite.

Why is this beneficial to you?

Every company in the Las Vegas Valley, needs a reliable IT company to deal with the annoying issues that could take time away from you running your business. We don’t just remove viruses. Our Techs have degrees from ITT in Network Administration and have been working in our field of expertise for almost 20 years. Our main purpose is to make your life simple when it comes to running your business and involving technology. We want you to be able to focus on your business more and let us deal with the technical issues. That’s why our motto is “We Speak Geek, So You Don’t Have To!”

Why choose us?

Well, if we have already worked for you, then you’ve seen our dedication to customer service and to resolving all of your issues.

Contact us if you are interested in a month to month or contract.

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