Speak Geek PCs Remote IT Support – North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson NV

Speak Geek PCs Remote IT Support – North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Henderson NV

What is SpeakGeek’s remote IT support and how does it work:

SpeakGeek PCs Remote IT Support uses specialist tools and software that enable our technicians to connect to a remote computer from our Vegas Valley offices via the internet and work directly on the remote system be it business or domestic based requirement, its main focus is to access computers /servers located anywhere in the world for purposes of supporting remote users. Our clients will be directed to a link to download software to install on their computer. Once installed, the software will automatically generate a secure alpha-numeric password which the client then provides to our technicians. This then creates a secure connection between technician and client enabling the technician to complete work and fix issues requested by the client. Problems range from issues with Excel formulas, virus removal General Health checks, computers performance or basic computer training. This offers clients fast effective solutions enabling them to focus on running their business from home or work.

What tasks can be performed:

When connected remotely Remote Support Technicians can access computers and fix 80% of software issues on both Windows and Apple Mac, PCs and laptops and Windows Servers, including the following:

Virus Removal
Email Setup and Configuration
Improve Computer performance
Software Installation
Software Errors and Issues
Software and Driver Updates
Windows 10 rollback / removal
Basic Computer Training
Server Support and maintenance
Issues that require our SpeakGeek Technician to be on-site range from hard disk failure, Internet connections, and Windows /Apple Mac loading problems. If our Remote Support technician cannot connect to a computer, then he or she cannot resolve a problem.

Who Can Benefit:

Due to the nature of Remote Support, everyone can benefit regardless of geographical location, all our customers need is a working, stable internet connection. Our customers, across the board, can take advantage of our No call-out fee, instant support, and huge cost savings. Calls can be booked for shorter or longer periods depending on the severity of the issue. Of course our customers can acquire a second opinion regarding technical issues by utilizing low-cost remote IT support companies who are eager to keep costs down by having an array of qualified technicians available at hand. This in turn reduces IT companies overheads, as the requirements to dispatch engineers is reduced considerable. The beauty of Remote IT is it takes back control of the “one man band” local IT chap or the corner IT repair shop with limited knowledge, giving both home and business users full access to our knowledgeable, English speaking, qualified IT personnel.

What about confidentiality and privacy:

The remote process uses and generates a one-time “password.” Our customers are able to monitor technicians in order to see all work completed by the engineer whilst the session is in progress. No personal data is moved or deleted from the personal computer or server.

Once the session has ended, and the technician has disconnected. The “password” will no longer work, but the remote software will remain. This will allow us to log into your computer in the future, making support calls easier and faster for our clients

Fraudsters /Hoaxers

There are a number of Asian-based companies that call and prey on senior citizen and the young to defraud funds by convincing they are from Microsoft.

Please Note; Microsoft will never call you in an attempt to inform you there is a problem with your computer, server or Apple Macintosh.

All call requesting Remote IT Support should always be initiated by the customer when experiencing problems are have questions regarding technology.

What are the costs involved:

Our cost for remote support varies from $25.00 for thirty minutes and $50.00 for a full 60-minute session which can encompass a mixture of domestic and business IT Support.

When booking a call with SpeakGeek’s Remote Support, customers have the option to book the duration as well as the time. We also have monthly non-contract services as well as a full year contract support. Our customers have the flexibility to pay hourly, monthly, or for the whole year.

What is remote monitoring and how does it work:

Remote monitoring is mainly used within a medium-large sized business but can be used anywhere as required be it a standalone PC with an internet connection.

Remote monitoring software is installed on the server/computers that need to be monitored 24/7. The software then reports, tracks issues which the server /PC may encounter, however small or large the problems maybe. This is known as preventative maintenance. Resolving an issue prior to it becoming a threat or major problem, creating downtime, loss of service, virus alert, low disk space.

This is, of course a useful tool for companies that have a server but no in-house IT department.

Service updates and repairs can be completed remotely without any user interaction or client’s knowledge. Most IT companies will provide clients with weekly /monthly reports with graphical charts of server /PC performance, number of errors if any. Generally, the first few reports are full of useful information. However, over a period of time, this diminishes once “Remote Monitoring” has been installed and running for period of time. This creates a stable and in some cases faster infrastructure, reducing cost, ultimately enabling businesses to focus on the day to day running of their businesses.

Why choose SpeakGeek PCs’ Remote Support?

Besides our knowledge and experience, we also educate our customers on our process, providing a more stable client relationship. Potential customers may be uninformed and reluctant to allow remote technicians to connect to their computers. Our Technicians are understanding about this issue and are always equipped to explain how the process works in plain English. We also educate our clients, making them aware that the software tools being used, create a secure connection and cannot be intercepted. For their piece of mind, during the session they can view every action the technician is taking and can end the remote session at any time.

Here at SpeakGeek PCs, we always take the opportunity to utilize the remote sessions to teach the client how to resolve the reported issue if the problem re-occurs. This will ultimately reduce further calls our service and at the same time, the customer learns more about why the problem occurred.

Finally, collecting feedback from remote sessions can be helpful in analyzing and improving customer experience. Procedures can be amended and technicians can be given ongoing training.

SpeakGeek PCs Remote Support provides domestic and business remote IT support.

If you would like to find out how our remote IT support can help your business, call us now on 702-472-8229