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Do I Have A Computer Virus?
6 Signs You Might Need Virus Removal Service

Like most problems in life, a computer virus never reveals itself at a good time. You’re working on a major project, and just as you download that file? Your system crashes. You open your browser to read the latest headlines in Las Vegas, and your homepage is…different? With more of us working remotely than ever before, making sure your computer is operating in a safe and efficient manner has never been more important. But not all viruses are easy to spot. Here are a few key warning signs, so you know when to call a virus removal service.

1 The Computer is Running Slow

While a number of non-virus issues can contribute to slow performance, this can be a sign that something is amiss. Slow-downs while streaming or downloading large files can be normal, depending on your service provider, bandwidth, and other connection factors. But otherwise unexplainable slow downs are cause for alarm.

2 My Computer Won’t Turn on!

For laptops, first, make sure that the battery is charged. For other computers, first and foremost make sure that the tower or desktop is plugged in and power is running to it. If power is not the issue, and a proper display, such as a monitor, is connected, there may be a virus or other similar issue preventing the device from turning on.

3- I Keep Seeing a Blue Screen!

For Windows users, a blue screen can mean a number of things. Referred to as the “Blue Screen of Death”, this error screen is due to anything from malfunctioning hardware, to power supply issues, to bugs impacting the operating system. While this may not always be caused by a virus or other malware, it often signals a serious enough issue to warrant the help of a professional.

4- Why Do I Keep Seeing Error Messages?

While some error messages are program-specific, you can usually work through the cause of the error rather quickly. But if you notice something off-kilter about the error messages, such as spelling errors, weird punctuation, or requests for you to purchase something, do not click the buttons. These errors can be either attempts for you to download malware or a sign of an existing issue. It is best to consult a Henderson area expert if this is occurring.

5- My Home Page Changed!

While some signs of a computer virus are hard to immediately detect, few are as overt as when you notice that your homepage has changed. What was once Las Vegas local news, a popular search engine, or sports scores has been replaced with a strange-looking alternative. Often, they use the logos of other popular sites to appear legitimate and mimic a search page. Even worse, when you attempt to navigate away, you run into difficulty. Instances like this suggest that some sort of malware is impacting your web browser. This is a good reason to contact a professional to remove this virus from your device.

6 I Cannot Seem to Get Rid of Pop-Up Ads

Most modern browsers block or reduce the number of pop-up ads the average user sees. If pop-ups are getting through, make sure your browser settings are up to date. Sometimes, pop-ups appear in the form of tabs you did not intend to open, and will not seem to go away. This is a pretty sure sign of malware or other malicious software on your device. A virus removal service in Henderson, Nevada can help remove the issue, leaving you free to use the internet safely, once more.

Computer issues are a frustrating inconvenience for everyone, and computer viruses are no exception. If you are experiencing any of these telltale signs in the Las Vegas area, contact SpeakGeek Mobile Computer Repair. An expert will remove the virus, malware, or any other unwanted bugs from your device, and reduce your risk of further issues by installing antivirus software and spyware protection.